Our Mission

We advocate for government policies on health, nutrition and the environment that are supported by scientific evidence and call to establish a national food strategy to ensure nutritional security for all Israelis. We are currently spearheading leading national initiatives in collaboration with government, NGOs and leading academia professionals.

The Israeli Forum for Sustainable Nutrition (IFSN) is a multidisciplinary professional organization of scientists and health related professionals in the field of nutritional security and food systems. We are recognised as a unique, professional, trust-worthy and capable organization with an intense net of collaborations with the government, knesset, academia, civil societies, national committees as well as national and global leading professional members.

The Challange

Israeli society faces a paradox of growing obesity and nutritional insecurity, largely a result of an unhealthy and unequitable food environment. Despite the need for increased access to healthy food, the Israeli agricultural sector is collapsing and about a third of all food produced is wasted. Globalization, coupled with the impacts climate change, is poised to increase the burden on the global and Israeli food systems. These interdisciplinary and interdependent challenges require bold action and partnership between all sectors of society in order to provide a healthy and sustainable food environment. This is where we come in.

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