Latest activities of the Israeli Forum for Sustainable Nutrition

The Israeli Forum for Sustainable Nutrition is currently focused on advocating for the implementation of the EAT-Lancet Commission’s recommendations for a healthy, sustainable food system on a national level. We employ a multifaceted approach, whereby we:

  • Work with policy makers to achieve a comprehensive, long lasting, fundamental shift in food production and consumption patterns, in accordance with EAT-Lancet guidelines.
  • Organize conferences and workshops in order to spread the information among dietitians, environmental scientists, politicians and the general public.
  • Publish and distribute the EAT-Lancet report in Hebrew to improve the accessibility of our core message.
  • Promote the discussion on media outlets by regularly appearing on popular TV and radio shows, as well as giving interviews and publishing opinion pieces to further the public’s awareness of the climate crisis and it’s relation to the food system.

Our campaign was officially launched on the 4th of February, in an event organized in collabartion with the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History. Scientists in the fields of nutrition, climatology, environmental protection and zoology were invited to speak, share their thoughts and promote interdisciplinary cooperation. Also in attendance were former and current Members of the Knesset, representatives of various government ministries and NGOs, reporters and journalists from both mainstream and independent media. Prof. Walter Willett, co-chair of the EAT-Lancet commission, delivered a keynote speech via Skype.

The event has been covered by The Times of Israel in both English and French. Ongoing updates will be posted on our Hebrew website as well as on social media.

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