The IFSN at the Knesset to promote sustainable diets


Feburary 2017

The IFSN has been on the front to promote access to healthy foods and stave off food industries lobbying to oppose food labeling and increase unhealthy food marketing to children.  In recent meetings at the health committee in the Parliament (Knesset), head of the IFSN advisory board, Dr Dorit Adler, a public health and nutrition expert, warned against food corporations’ relentless attempts to prolong the enactment of food labeling on unhealthy foods and the huge consequences of unhealthy eating patterns. Together with the Israel Association of Public Health Physicians (IAPHP) our calls to enact food labeling on unhealthy foods following the decision of the ministry of health committee on healthy eating have been successful despite the large counter pressure by food importers and food industry. In addition, together with IAPHP we are advancing a legislation act to halt any advertisement of unhealthy foods to children across all platforms including social media and television.

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