A comprehensive food policy that safeguards the environment and public health interests is of utmost importance in Israel as elsewhere in the world.

Through position papers, legislation, and lobbying the IFSN has been constantly active in advancing a holistic food policy and educating decision makers and government officials about interrelations between food, environment, culture and health. This initiative also include forming a lobbying non-partisan group consisting of MPs that will promote sustainable food policies in the Israeli Knesset through regulation and legislation. 

Current examples of our work in shaping Israeli food policy

  • EAT-Lancet Report: translation of the EAT-Lancet Report to Hebrew; organization of an official launch event attended by leading figures in the Israeli food and nutrition fields; meeting and collaborating with officials from the Ministry of Health to advance the adoption of the EAT-Lancet recommendations. 
  • Lobbying: meeting with MKs from all across the political spectrum to facilitate non-partisan legislative cooperation. 
  • Positing Papers: suggesting improvements and amendments to the new food labeling initiative, to better reflect current scientific knowledge and protect public interest and health (click here); reviewing scientific literature concerning the ketogenic diet, with attention to health, environmental and economic outcomes (click here).