Knowledge Hub

In an era of fake news and data, when findings for the sake of promoting corporate interests is promoted as “science”, disseminating authoritative science and evidence-based knowledge is imperative to preserve public interests. The IFSN is recognized as a professional and unbiased organization that voices a clear message and is constantly sought after for scientific knowledge by various organizations, including, e.g., the Ministry of Health and the ombudsman of the government. This occurs through various channels:

  • Building a data center about nutrition, environment and health in Israel to be used by the public. The IFSN has been compiling articles, media news and reports to explain their content, assess their importance or refute their findings in order to accessibilize science about food, environment and health to the wide public. Many of our reports, newsletters and articles are found on line or on our website (in Hebrew)  
  • Advancing research in the interconnections between food, environment, nutrition, culture and health in Israel in academic circles, NGOs and government agencies. The IFSN has been collaborating with various bodies of knowledge including the civil society and academia to promote research in Israel towards a clearer understanding of the state of food security, health, agriculture and food-related environmental degradation in Israel. 
  • Counseling and dissemination of evidence based knowledge about food environment and health in Israel. The IFSN has been counselling various municipalities and agencies (e.g. the Tel Aviv municipality and the ministry of health). For municipalities, our goals are to assist in improving their food procurement programs, curriculums, food school programs and community based projects towards implementing a comprehensive and sustainable food policy.
  • Truth in Publication: Together with the seventh-eye news agency, we have launched ”Truth in Publication”, a project aiming to examine the information and data provided by various advertising campaigns and journalistic publications in the field of nutrition, the environment, and public health in order to hold industry and government accountable for misinformation and policies against the public’s interest.