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Schematic overview of our knowledge hub activity

In an era of fake news and alternative facts, when findings for the sake of promoting corporate interests are promoted as “science”, disseminating authoritative science and evidence-based knowledge is imperative to preserve public interests. The IFSN is an impartial organization with a clear mission: to gather, analyze and disseminate scientific knowledge in the fields of nutrition and the environment – free of bias and financial considerations. To this end we maintain a dedicated Knowledge Hub which is widely used by policy makers, researchers, MKs and the general public.

Current Projects

Meetings and Conferences: Spreading Knowledge

Over the years the IFSN has organized dozens of professional meetings and conferences in the fields of nutrition, public health, economics, agriculture and environmental sciecne.

Our goal: to bridge the gaps of knowledge and to promote evidence-based discourse, free of conflicts of interest.

Our annual conferences draw hundreds of participants, including dietitians, farmers, MKs and policymakers, journalists, academics, environmentalists and industry representatives.

“Truth in Publication”

A joint project of the IFSN and the Seventh Eye (an independent Israeli investigative magazine), “Truth In Publication” critically examines advertising campaigns and media publications in the fields of nutrition, the environment and public health. Our mission is to expose slanted, biased reports of industry funded science in the mass media.

As part of our collaboration, a series of articles have been published reviewing false advertising claims made by Tnuva and the Israeli Poultry Council, as well as sensationalist coverage of scientific papers.

Weekly newsletter and a regularly updated website

The IFSN emphasizes the importance of disseminating evidence based information, freely available to decision makers and the general public. Our weekly newsletters are appreciated by hundreds of subscribers, many of whom are members of various governmental, professional and academic organizations. The newsletters offer a summary of our activities, including recent position papers, reviews of relevant topics and invitations to our meetings and conferences.

The Hebrew version of our website serves as a regularly updated Knowledge Hub, with dozens of high quality articles covering the latest advances in the realms of nutrition and environmental sciences.

A brief overview of our past and current achievements...

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