The IFSN is involved in various efforts to educate the young generation about the importance of healthy eating habits and sustainable practices pertaining to food. These include:

  • Partnering with grassroot initiatives: The IFSN is partnering with teachers, educators, instructors and students that are constructing alternative programs, courses and lectures that teach about healthy and sustainable foods to children in elementary and high schools.   
  • Promoting a national level curriculum: The IFSN is involved in a committee of professional educators to incorporate food, and environment in elementary level science curriculums.  
  • The Israeli edible schoolyard project: Inspired by the US edible schoolyard project and led by our chef programs we have partnered with Beit Hinuch Aviv school to erect an educational vegetable and herbal garden that will serve as an anchor for educational programs on food, environment, health and cooking both for children and their parents. Our goal is to construct several pilot projects in order to build a comprehensive curriculum at the school level that will be adapted by the national education system.