• Creating a data center about nutrition, environment and health in Israel to be used by the public.
  • Counselling decision makers and municipalities about food, environment, culture and health. Our efforts includes holding on-going seminars open to professionals and counseling municipal agencies on their ongoing projects in order to incorporate healthy and sustainable foods in their procurement programs, curriculums and community based projects. This initiative also include forming a lobbying group consisting of MPs to promote sustainable food policies in the Israeli Knesset through regulation and legislation.
  • Truth in Publication: Together with the Seventh-Eye news agency, we have launched ”Truth in Publication”, a project aiming to examine the information and data provided by various advertising campaigns and journalistic publications in the field of nutrition, the environment, and public health in order to hold industry and government accountable for misinformation and policies against the public’s interest.
  • Advancing research in the interconnections between food, environment, nutrition, culture and health in Israel in academic circles, NGOs and government agencies.


Chefs throughout the world are leaders in public opinion and the flagship of education and access to nutritional knowledge.

Through gastronomy, taste, beauty and passion for food, they can promote consumption of healthy and sustainable foods, as well as influence policy makers. The overarching goal of this project is to build a network of chefs run by chefs to promote sustainable nutrition in Israeli society.

We have partnered with leading chefs Israel Aharoni, Erez Komveroski and Yair Yosefi to promote changes on two levels:

  • a community based educational project (see edible schoolyard project below)
  • transforming local restaurants to become sustainable and healthy.


Inspired by the US Edible Schoolyard Project and led by our chef programs we have partnered with Beit Hinuch Aviv, a Waldrof school, to erect an educational vegetable and herbal garden that will serve as an anchor for educational programs on food, environment, health and cooking both for children and their parents.

Our goal is to construct several pilot projects in order to build a comprehensive curriculum at the school level that will be adapted by the national education system. In addition we strive to include issues of food, environment and healthy eating in kindergartens and elementary school curriculums.

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