The Israeli Forum for Sustainable Nutrition’s work is made possible by the voluntary work of a team of experts and its vast network of supporters across the country. IFSN is an organization that will not accept industry support. Your donation will allow us to maintain an unbiased, critical, and independent voice.

Your Donation Will Support These On-Going Activities:

  1. Advance research and position papers that disseminate evidence-based knowledge to the public, decision makers and food professionals.
  2. Build educational vegetable gardens and curriculums at school to educate Israeli children about the importance of health and sustainable foods and
    the need to preserve local agriculture.
  3. Empower local Israeli chefs in our network and increase their capacity to be leaders that promote healthy and sustainable foods at the community level and in their restaurants.

Donations are tax deductible through our affiliation with P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. Learn more.